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EMS Neuropathy Massager (1+1 FREE)


🌟 Versatile Massage Options: Enjoy six unique massage techniques—acupuncture, kneading, tapping, physiotherapy, beat, and lymph drainage—for complete pain relief.

💪 Acupuncture Mode: Relieve pain and boost healing with the ancient art of finger pressure to mobilize Chi.

🌀 Deep Kneading Relief: Melt away muscle tension and soreness with soothing kneading action.

⚡ Rapid Tapping Stimulation: Experience deep muscle relief with short, powerful pulses that penetrate quickly.

💪Physiotherapy Mode: Rehabilitate and strengthen muscles for better mobility and less pain.

🌿 Lymph Drainage: Detoxify and reduce swelling with gentle lymphatic drainage.


"ProHeal's EMS Neuropathy Massager has been a blessing. The variety of massage techniques eases my pain significantly, improving my circulation and flexibility. I can enjoy my daily walks again without discomfort. Highly recommend!"


"After intense workouts, this massager is my go-to for recovery. The tapping and kneading modes reduce soreness quickly. A must-have for any fitness routine!"


"Perfect for unwinding after long workdays. The acupuncture mode soothes my tired feet and improves my sleep quality. Highly recommend for anyone on their feet all day!"


Imagine a life free of neuropathy foot pain, where each step is a graceful dance and discomfort belongs to your past.

ProHeal™ Neuropathy Foot Maassager is your Solution:

🦶 Alleviates muscle discomfort caused by neuropathy and plantar fasciitis to reduces inflammation.

🏥 Diminishes leg swelling, enhances blood circulation, and promotes the stimulation of lymphatic drainage.

✔ Tailored for individuals experiencing foot pain due to extended hours on their feet at work, neuropathy-related issues, and general foot soreness.


✔ 8 Unique Modes: Tailor your massage experience with eight distinct modes. Intelligent artificial massage techniques adapt to your needs, providing personalized relief for any level of physical strain.

✔ 18 Adjustable Intensity Levels: Directly stimulate acupuncture points with 18 intensity levels, reducing physical and mental fatigue while enhancing your sleep quality.

  • Relieves Pain instantly

    Say goodbye to the discomfort of plantar fasciitis and Neuropathy. ProHeal Massager provides relief by targeting specific trigger points and promoting relaxation in the affected areas.

  • Promote Fat Burning

    Burning fat is contributing to a healthier and more active lifestyle. The ProHeal Neuropathy Massagaer is designed to provide relief for neuropathy-related challenges.

  • Enhances Muscle Strength

    Empower your muscles with every use. The EMS technology stimulates muscle contractions, helping to strengthen and tone your muscles effectively.

  • Anti Swelling

    Alleviate swelling and reduce inflammation. The massager enhances blood circulation, which helps to decrease swelling and promote faster healing of affected areas

  • Improves Nerve Function

    Support your nerve health. By stimulating nerve activity, the ProHeal Massager helps improve nerve function and reduces symptoms of neuropathy, such as tingling and numbness.

  • Improve Blood Circulation

    Boost your overall health. By improving blood flow, the massager ensures that your feet and legs receive the essential nutrients and oxygen they need, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

  • Enhances Sleep Quality

    Enjoy more restful nights. Regular use of the massager can alleviate pain and discomfort that disrupts sleep, allowing you to experience deeper, more rejuvenating rest.


Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS): Also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), EMS triggers muscle contractions through electric impulses, mimicking natural nervous system signals. This method is highly regarded for its proactive role in muscle strengthening and relaxation.

Revolutionizing with Pulse Technology: Elevate muscle resilience and soothe neuropathic discomfort with cutting-edge pulse technology.

Discover the Power of ProHeal: Elevate your neuropathy management with the ProHeal Neuropathy EMS Device. Empower your muscles, embrace newfound comfort, and rejuvenate your legs with this revolutionary treatment.


Transform your life with just 15 minutes a day!

Step 1: Connect
Attach the control device to the Neuropathy EMS Massager. The control device features three buttons for different functions.

Step 2: Attach
Secure the self-adhesive pad to your desired area with ease.

Step 3: Power On
After securing the pad, press the "+" button to turn on the device. A flashing light will indicate that the device is ready for your soothing session.

Step 4: Customize
Personalize your experience by selecting modes with the "M" button and adjusting the intensity with the "+" and "-" buttons. For optimal results, use the device for 10-15 minutes daily, 3-4 times a week.


The ProHeal Neuropathy EMS Matt is designed to address various concerns, including easing muscle discomfort, enhancing blood circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage stimulation, and reducing swelling in the legs.

Many individuals have reported experiencing relief in their feet after their initial use. Consistently using the product and adjusting the intensity to suit your preferences can lead to even more favorable outcomes over time.

The ProHeal Neuropathy EMS Mask is designed for individuals who experience chronic foot pain, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, foot stiffness, soreness, swollen feet, or poor blood circulation. This includes those affected by various factors such as aging, daily activities, metabolic conditions like diabetes, or tension that accumulates in specific sensitive areas across the legs.

The ProHeal Neuropathy EMS Mask offers several benefits, including alleviation from pain and discomfort, preparation of the targeted area for a demanding day, calming pain for improved sleep quality, and facilitating enhanced recovery after physical activity or extended periods of standing.

Absolutely. While initially crafted to provide pain relief, the ProHeal Neuropathy EMS Mask has garnered significant popularity among athletes like runners and basketball players. This is owed to its effectiveness in fostering athletic recovery.

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